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The Region 2 In-Service day was held on Friday, November 21, 2014 from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. at the Traverse Bay Area Career Tech Center, Traverse City, Michigan. Dr. Paul Hernandez, a dynamic and high-energy presentator, will kick off the Region 2 2014 MOSPA In-Service.

Dr. Hernandez is a renowned speaker and humanitariana nationally recognized leader in college access and success, pedagogy for educators working with at-risk/under-served/underprepared students, and community outreach. Before earning his PhD, bachelor, and associate degrees, Hernandez was engulfed in gang culture and deep poverty, surviving on the streets of Los Angeles. He has learned ways to help young people traveling a path similar to his own, and through his inspirational message hopes to share his lessons and passion in the addressing challenges faced by at-risk youth in rural areas and large cities. Born in Los Angeles to an immigrant Guatemalan single mother, Hernandez says he was destined at an early age to become a gang violence statistic. Looking back at his childhood through teen years, Paul Hernandez now knows his family was in deep poverty. Unlike other families ravaged by dysfunction, drugs, and violence, the Hernandez family boasted a matriarch with no formal education who worked 15 hours a day, seven days a week. With determination, he ended up in the Midwest for grad school, earning a Ph.D. in sociology from Michigan State University. Our hope is after participating in the MOSPA Region 2 In-Service, you will be better equipped to see students engage more and to help students stay engaged in school.

Ranae McCauley- Executive Director of United Way of NW Michigan
Ranae has vast knowledge of communityagency involvement. Her presentation will direct you to resources that can help your students, as well as what the 211 support system can do for your community.

Marv Nordeen - TBAISD School Psychologist and Behavioral Specialist
This presentation will include types of trauma (such as neglect, abuse, abject poverty) and their effect on the psyche of a teenager. You will learn things to look for and ways to approach and work with students who have experienced trauma.

Brandon Everest- Sociology Instructor, Northwestern Community College
Learn about poverty in our area/region and how it impacts a community, as well as the general interplay with education as a whole.

Other speakers include: Mindy Cucinella, Craig Saunder, Vince Carter and Peter Schaafsma.

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